Quick Overview Of Inositol Powder

This particular B-Vitamin can be found naturally in beans, fruits and bran cereals. Inositol powder can also be found in the famous energy drink “Rockstar”. The purpose of he drink is to supply energy and with that energy promote mental focus. Inositol powder would ...Read More

Where to Buy Inositol

Inositol can be found in many herbal supplement and nutrition shops. However, if you would like to purchase inositol online, here are three products we recommend that you may purchase from Amazon. ...Read More

PCOS Reacts to Inositol

For those suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) recent studies discovered that inositol may be a beneficial natural way of treating it. The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that around 1 in 10 women in the United States is affected by polycystic ...Read More

Benefits of Inositol

There are many benefits of inositol that affect critical functions in the body. Inositol benefits many common mental disorders like depression and anxiety while helping the body prevent things like cancer and diabetes. It is a compound that is naturally occurring in everyday foods ...Read More

Inositol Side Effects

While inositol is a natural occurring substance and can be used to help with variety of conditions, there can be very minimal side effects especially if one has not taken inositol before. Usually it can be solved over time as the body acclimates to ...Read More

Inositol And Ocd

Inositol is converted into two neurotransmitter chemicals that enhance the effects of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin turns out to be one of the chemicals in the brain associated with OCD. Studies done on multiple patients showed that inositol had gradually improved OCD and ...Read More

Inositol Nicotinate

Inositol nicotinate is a compound made from inositol and vitamin b3 (niacin). It is especially beneficial for blood circulation problems. People suffering from problems with blood circulation usually experience this in their extremities. The feet, hands, head are the most common and is represented ...Read More

Inositol Powder Uses

Inositol powder has a variety of uses. Its a very important natural vitamin that our body uses for many different processes. Besides regulating nutrients that move in and out of cells (contributes to healthy weight loss), inositol powder also has properties that benefit ailments ...Read More

Inositol And Hair Growth

The entire class of B Vitamins in general is very important in healthy hair growth, preventing hair loss and promoting growth. B vitamins help carry vital nutrients to cells even in the extremities of the body, like the scalp. Clinical studies done with b ...Read More

Choline And Inositol

Choline and inositol are both in the b vitamin family and they both have similar inhibitors that depletes them from the body which can cause a deficiency. Alcohol, caffeine, water, estrogen and sulfonamide drugs deplete both choline and inositol.  Separately, they have they’re own ...Read More

Inositol Powder And Weight Loss

One of the most noted properties of inositol is that it helps break down fats in the liver. When taken with other B  vitamins, not only does it supply energy it may also help with weight loss. One of the most common forms of ...Read More

Inositol Hexaphosphate And Cancer Studies

Not too long ago inositol hexaphosphate was discovered to be a natural occurring compound in substantial amounts in all mammal and plant cells. Being that it was present in so many cells it had to have specific and important functions. The studies showed that ...Read More

Inositol And Depression

Current studies suggest that there is a link between inositol and depression. Inositol and serotonin have a very similar profile. If for some reason you have been living under a rock and never heard of serotonin, it a very common chemical in the brain ...Read More