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Inositol Powder Uses

Inositol powder has a variety of uses. Its a very important natural vitamin that our body uses for many different processes. Besides regulating nutrients that move in and out of cells (contributes to healthy weight loss), inositol powder also has properties that benefit ailments like depression and even has applications in natural cancer treatment and prevention. Inositol and OCD links are also being studied. There may be a legitimate connection between OCD disorders and inositol deficiency.

Depression – Depression is believed to be caused by low levels of serotonin and the communication between neurotransmitters. Inositol powder has the capability to interact with serotonin. When it does it helps increase and regulate the proper signals between the neurotransmitters, thus creating healthy brain activity.

Anti cancer – Inositol powder (specifically inositol hexaphosphate in this case) is a natural anti cancer compound. Originally Abulkalam Shamsuddin Md, PhD sparked interest on the anti cancer effects of inositol in the 1980’s and since then researchers have been doing studies. Inositol is thought to promote normal cell death in cancer cells and keep them from spreading. Since inositol is a natural compound in certain healthy foods that are known to be cancer fighters it makes sense that in larger safe amounts it would have a stronger effect.
Inositol powder is water soluble so it cannot accumulate and cause toxicity. It is simply handled by the body and what is needed will be used. Only in very high doses, diarrhea and gas are a side effect.

Hair growth and hair loss prevention – Inositol powder also aids in hair growth and preventing hair loss. One of the problems with hair loss is not getting enough nutrients to the scalp. Inositol powder allows proper nutrients to be dispersed among cells. Another issue with hair loss is auto immune disease where the body actually attacks itself. In some cases the body views hair growth as an attack on the body and destroys the process. Inositol powder is used by the body to help promote proper communication between cells.

Inositol powder and weight loss – Inositol and weight loss have a really interesting link. It helps remove fatty deposits and regulate metabolism.