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Inositol And Hair Growth

The entire class of B Vitamins in general is very important in healthy hair growth, preventing hair loss and promoting growth. B vitamins help carry vital nutrients to cells even in the extremities of the body, like the scalp. Clinical studies done with b vitamins (including inositol) showed that when this vitamin deficiency occurs, hair loss is dramatic. When they introduced b vitamins back into the diet hair growth was restored. This showed an apparent link between b vitamins and the hair growth process.

Often hair growth is a visual indicator of internal health. There are many diseases that can cause hair loss and sometime its just a simple vitamin deficiency. Hair, just like any other growth process, requires the necessary nutrients. When these nutrients are not supplied, the hair simply dies and falls out. On some occasions hair thins out. Normally we all get b vitamins including inositol from the foods we  eat. So if you think that a deficiency might be the issue there are ways to combat this.

An inositol defiency can happen two different ways, both of which have a remedy. If you are not eating an appropriate diet to get a natural intake of inositol, foods that should be included are citrus fruits, beans (kidney + lima beans), nuts, broccoli, grapefruit and blackberries. If you feel that you are getting enough inositol in your diet but there is still a deficiency, caffeine intake (too much coffee + energy drinks) and overuse of alcohol will deplete inositol from the body very quickly. Cutting back on coffee isn’t always easy but limiting to one or two cups a day will definitely help. To resupply the body with inositol there is inositol powder which has been proven to be very effective for many different applications including hair growth. Nearly every brand of vitamins has inositol powder in a variety of sizes.