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Inositol For Anxiety

anxiety-inositolThere are a lot of uses for Inositol and one of the best uses for Inositol is to help relieve symptoms of anxiety. Taking Inositol can be better than taking prescription medications that have nasty side effects and . If you plan on thinking about taking Inositol for anxiety, here are some facts you need to know about how this substance works to control anxiety levels.

How Inositol Works for Anxiety

Inositol works by helping the GABA receptors in the brain, which are responsible for calmness and peacefulness throughout the body. You cannot stock up on GABA receptors, so if you are deficient in GABA receptors, then the only thing you can do is use something like Inositol to help supplement what GABA receptors you have. Inositol can almost mimic the behavior of the GABA receptors, so if you are depleted, you can basically use Inositol to replace what receptors are not working correctly. When you take Inositol, you will notice that you become less stressed out and can function throughout the day, which is important for relieving anxiety conditions.

Serotonin is very important to help ward off anxiety, but a lot of people find they have lower levels of Serotonin, which makes them more susceptible to conditions like general anxiety and social anxiety. When you look at how Inositol works in anxiety situations, it’s almost like you have been taking over-the-counter medications, because Inositol works that well at helping balance out the various chemicals in the body, including balancing the levels of serotonin within the body. You will notice that if you take Inositol over a period of months, your serotonin levels will start to level out and you will find it easier to concentrate and be in social situations. You will also find that you don’t get as worked up as you did before, since Inositol helps the brain control those chemicals being released during trigger situations.

Inositol Dosage For Anxiety

If you have anxiety and want to use Inositol as a treatment option, you will need to take a high dose of the supplement, but there are no adverse effects so it’s completely safe. Inositol is measures in milligrams, so you want to start off by taking about 2,000 mg 2x a day, which should be 2 pills. You want to then up the dose by 1,000 mg each week, until you are taking 18,000 mg each day, which also means you will want to take the pill 3x a day and not 2. By week 6, you should be taking 6,000 mg 3x a day which gives you the 18,000 mg recommended dose for anxiety. If you worry about taking that high of a dose, you don’t need to worry because Inositol naturally occurs in the body anyways. Every once in a while, you might notice a little stomach upset or gas from the Inositol, but it’s nothing serious and goes away within a few hours.