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Inositol Powder And Weight Loss

One of the most noted properties of inositol is that it helps break down fats in the liver. When taken with other B  vitamins, not only does it supply energy it may also help with weight loss. One of the most common forms of inositol supplements is choline inositol. When choline is combined with inositol, it forms  lecithin. Lecithin regulates nutrients from exiting and entering cell walls and allows fats to disperse when present with h2o. One of the theories is that choline inositol will help burn fat during sleep if taken before bedtime. Inositol has also been found to lower cholesterol and break up cholesterol deposits in the arteries.

Now naturally we get a decent amount of inositol from the foods we eat like bananas, brown rice, nuts and citrus fruits. However, consumption of alcohol, caffeinated beverages and higher levels of estrogen can deplete inositol in our bodies. Inositol powder can be taken as a supplement to bring these levels to a natural state. The O.V.D.B recommends an adult dosage of 250mg-500mg of inositol daily.

Combining exercise with inositol or choline inositol will greatly increase the natural benefits and weight loss. When taking any supplement, its best to exercise as well to get the blood flowing and properly distribute the supplement to where it is needed.  This will optimize the effects for better results. As more studies are done on inositol and weight loss we will most likely see it to be a safer natural alternative method for weight loss.

  1. December 13, 2010
  2. December 17, 2010