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Inositol For Sleep

inositol-sleepInositol can really help people who have trouble falling asleep, this is because Inositol helps promote a feeling of calmness and peacefulness, which are the main factors in helping someone get a good night of sleep. Inositol can help improve communication throughout the brain, which is done by improving communication and releasing chemicals like serotonin. When you are looking to get a good sleep, you often will need to have good serotonin levels in the body, so Inositol helps those types of chemicals activate within the brain. If you have depleted serotonin levels, you will often feel like your mind cannot shut down at night, which triggers endless thoughts that can be similar to someone who is overly compulsive. The better your Serotonin levels are, the less likely you will have these types of endless thoughts when your head hits the pillow, and a more restful sleep will occur.

Inositol also can help improve your sleep because it communicates with the GABA receptors in the brain. GABA receptors are what calms you down both physically and mentally, especially if you are under a high-stress situation. If your GABA receptors are not working correctly, you will not be able to stop these mental or physical reactions you get when you become stressed out. Since Inositol works together with the GABA receptors, it makes it more likely the GABA receptors will function properly and be able to withstand the stress of everyday life without you feeling any mental or physical effects. GABA is something found in the body, which cannot be increased through pills or exercise, so if you have low GABA receptors, there is little you can do to change this. However, taking Inositol can almost mimic the behaviors of the GABA receptors, so you can have a similar calming and peaceful experience.

Inositol for Sleep – Dose & Directions

If you want to take Inositol for sleep, it’s always best to take the supplement over a period of months, instead of just taking one pill on the days you feel the most stressed out. You really want to build up Inositol in your system, so begin taking it daily to start getting the brain chemicals to balance out. The typical dose ranges anywhere from 500 mg to 2000 mg, which is .5 grams to 2 grams per day, and it’s best to take it at night a few hours before you go to bed. The best thing about taking Inositol for sleep is that you will gradually notice a difference in how you approach going to bed, meaning you will begin having less nights of endless thoughts, and eventually you will go to sleep as soon as you hit the pillow. Even if you don’t have any sleep issues, Inositol can help you if you are unable to keep a good sleep schedule, so you can take it to help you get into a routine.