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Inositol Nicotinate

Inositol nicotinate is a compound made from inositol and vitamin b3 (niacin). It is especially beneficial for blood circulation problems. People suffering from problems with blood circulation usually experience this in their extremities. The feet, hands, head are the most common and is represented in a variety of diseases. Inositol nicotinate can widen blood vessels improving the blood flow. Blood clots form when proteins bond together, inositol nicotinate breaks up the proteins that are required for that to happen thus preventing blood clots.

Another key feature of inositol nicotinate is the break down of cholesterol which also improves blood flow, reduction in blood pressure, help with sleep and headaches. The improved of blood flow helps with flushing out material in the body. This is very beneficial for those with acne. Allowing blood full of nutrients to reach the extremities helps fight acne. Overall inositol nicotinate would be the most beneficial to those with high blood pressure and poor blood flow due to certain diseases.