Inositol can be found in many herbal supplement and nutrition shops. However, if you would like to purchase inositol online, here are three products we recommend that you may purchase from Amazon.

Now Foods Inositol Powder

This is a pure powder form of inositol that is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is also gluten free. If you are looking for a high quality source of inositol and don’t want to consume the extra additives that may be included in gel caps, this should be your number one choice. There are many positive reviews as well as experiences users have posted about this product.



Jarrow Formulas Inositol

Another high quality product that is well reviewed and well rated, although not as well as the above. Still, if you prefer to have your powder in capsules then this is a good one to go with. The capsules are vegetarian / vegan friendly and contain no wheat, gluten, soybeans, dairy, eggs, peanuts, fish and shellfish.



Swanson 100% Pure Inositol Powder

Another good option if you are looking for pure inositol powder at a great price is from swanson vitamins. Swanson is a trusted company that offers some of the best prices on popular bulk vitamins and minerals, inositol is no exception. Currently you can get an 8 ounce jar of pure inositol for less than 12 dollars. The only issue currently is that the product isn’t available for amazon prime shipping so you’ll have to pay an additional fee for shipping if you are an amazon prime member.


NeuroPharm NuMatrix

numatrix-supplementAnother product we recommend if you are looking for a supplement that’s more than just inositol is NuMatrix. NuMatrix contains a variety of “Neuro” enhancing compounds (one of which is inositol) and they work in synergy to provide better concentration, memory, mental alertness, and overall cognitive functioning. This is the supplement our staff currently takes and we have nothing but good things to report on it.

It costs a fair bit more than pure inositol but for everything you’re getting it’s a pretty good value.


Freeda Inositol Powder

If you don’t seem to fancy the above two products, here’s a third one you may consider from Freeda. This product is also vegan / vegetarian friendly and come from a reputable company. UPDATE: It appears Feeda has substantially increased the price of their inositol. So we no longer recommend purchasing this brand unless you are willing to pay a premium for the supplement.