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Choline And Inositol

Choline and inositol are both in the b vitamin family and they both have similar inhibitors that depletes them from the body which can cause a deficiency. Alcohol, caffeine, water, estrogen and sulfonamide drugs deplete both choline and inositol.  Separately, they have they’re own benefits.

Choline is used by the liver to remove impurities and toxins, prevent cholesterol build up and increases the efficiency of nerve communications. Choline is also one of the rare materials that is able to pass through the blood brain barrier. This allows the brain to produce brain enhancing chemicals that benefit processes like memory. It is found naturally in the heart, brain, liver and kidneys and can be obtained from food sources like that contain yeast, wheat germ, egg yolks and green leafy vegetables.

Inositol is used by the body to help regulate metabolism and remove fatty deposits. Its is synthesised in small amounts by the kidneys from glucose to form myo-inositol. Inositol also helps regulate the nutrients going to and from cells (cell wall management). When present in healthy amounts inositol modulates the activity of serotonin. Inositol is naturally present in citrus fruits, nuts, seeds and beans.

So, separately we can see the commonalities and the uniqueness between the two. When choline and inositol are combined they help for lecithin. Lecithin is the substance responsible for breaking down fats. When fats are broken down, they are more easily used by the body or depleted. This is ideal for cholesterol. Choline and inositol are both good for weight management and for stress since they bring a calming effect on the body.

When choline and inositol are combined they produce lecithin. Lecithin is a phospholipid that protects cells by creating a “shield” around them. Lecithin also helps regulate nutrients in and out of cells and also helps communication between neurotransmitters. Since part of it’s structure is choline, improved memory and cognitive abilities are also enhanced.

So from two different natural substances, we can receive multiple benefits in three different forms. Overall brain function, weight management, cell protection, reduction in stress, cancer preventative, and depression treatments are just some of the many benefits that we can receive from choline and inositol.

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