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Inositol Side Effects

While inositol is a natural occurring substance and can be used to help with variety of conditions, there can be very minimal side effects especially if one has not taken inositol before. Usually it can be solved over time as the body acclimates to the supplement.

Nausea is a common side effect that occurs with any type of B vitamin if the body isn’t used to it and can be corrected with smaller dosages and then increasing over time.

It is somewhat a rare side effect since inositol is naturally found in food… but there is the possibility of mild allergic reactions which result in some skin irritation, itchiness or rash. There are a few different types of inositol where the chemical composition is varied and as the composition becomes more complex the changes it has on the body also vary.

Anyone who sees any dramatic changes or has any concerns should consult there doctor to determine if there are any problems since they would have the best advice regarding the situation.

Interactions with other medications are unlikely but a doctor or pharmacist should be able to determine if there would be.

For pregnant women it is not advisable to take inositol when pregnant or breastfeeding since there have been no studies on the effects (if any) and has not been determined if there are any changes in these processes.

As studies progress there will be more information available on inositol side effects.

The information provided above is not to be used or taken as medical advice and is here only for educational and documentation purposes.