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Inositol And Ocd

Inositol is converted into two neurotransmitter chemicals that enhance the effects of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin turns out to be one of the chemicals in the brain associated with OCD. Studies done on multiple patients showed that inositol had gradually improved OCD and depression at least moderately in all patients and some showed even better improvement.

People with over active brain activity and other ailments like OCD should limit or refrain from caffeine intake as caffeine stimulate hypertension and increases brain activity even further. (This is an obvious connection with insomnia). Caffeine also depletes the body of inositol which can worsen symptoms and can keep the body from properly performing natural processes.

Cholin inositol is a popular supplement combination but for naturally treating OCD, choline should not be used. Choline is an anti-dopaminergic and can often make OCD symptoms worse.

Inositol naturally creates a calming feeling that is associated with the enhancements of brain activity between neurotransmitters. (The opposite of OCD where there is an energy that creates a undesired want or need to compulsively do something without logic).

Inositol and OCD should really be more commonly associated with each other in the natural treatment of OCD rather than just prescribing a sythnthetic drug.

Inositol powder is the best used supplement. It is in the class of b vitamins and has a “sugar like” taste to it. It is water soluble so toxicity isn’t a problem. The body uses what it needs and gets rid of the rest. So if taking too much, diarrhea and gas may be a sign of this. Otherwise it is naturally safe to take in most instances.

For using inositol powder to treat OCD be sure to contact a licensed physician as it may interact with certain treatments.

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