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Inositol Hexaphosphate And Cancer Studies

Not too long ago inositol hexaphosphate was discovered to be a natural occurring compound in substantial amounts in all mammal and plant cells. Being that it was present in so many cells it had to have specific and important functions. The studies showed that inositol hexaphosphate does have multiple biological functions on a cellular level. In experimental models, it had an anticancer effect. One function was that inositol hexaphosphate increased proper communication between cells with the malignant cells. (Cancer cells are essentially mutated cells and can sometimes happen when cells do not receive proper communication. Via wrong instructions or no instruction at all.)

An increase in immunity and antioxidant properties also contributed to tumor cell eradication. More studies are ongoing to fully understand how inositol hexaphosphate effects cancer cells. Because inositol is naturally present in some types of food and absorbed by our digestive system to be used, medical scientists are very excited to discover more properties of inositol and find strategies to naturally prevent and treat cancer.

Reference material: Department of Medical Research and Technology/Department of Pathology University of Maryland.  “Cancer Inhibition by Inositol Hexaphosphate.